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My name is Cameron Kostopoulos {Κωστόπουλος}; I practice storytelling across a range of mediums, with an emphasis on experimental and avant-garde filmmaking. Currently, I am studying Film & Television Production at the University of Southern California with a minor in Future Cinema. 

I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, before moving to Los Angeles to pursue my art. Much of my childhood experience can be seen in my work; I have always found film as a means of expression first, and self-meditation second. As such, my work is very near to my heart, embodying not only an extension of what it is I am trying to say, but a facet of my own existence.

My works fall across a range of themes and genres, though all attempt to address the mystery and frailty, the wonder and despair, and the seemingly unanswerable absurdity of the human experience. In creation, I hope to not only explore the fundamental uncertainty of the grandiose, but to create spectacle in the mundane, in the leaves falling from the autumn trees, in the ability of humans to think, to love, to create and breathe and perceive in a universe that poses more questions than it answers.

Moving forward, I hope to challenge the way in which film is both created and perceived in the general social framework. I hope to share my own voice in order to question cinematic conventions, to open minds, to simultaneously answer the questions set out before me while all the same asking innumerable more. In working at the forefront of the cinematic arts, I hope to connect to audiences, to evoke thoughts, emotions, and sentiments that echo the limitless capacity for wonder of the human mind.